Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

Dental phobia is a serious problem. It is a major reason why some people avoid going to the dentist at all costs.

Multiple factors contribute to anxiety over dental care. Some people are afraid of needles and drills. Other people possess an acute gag reflex that kicks in when foreign objects are placed in their mouth.

The end result is putting off dental care for an extended period of time because of an overpowering fear of the dentist.

Do you suffer from dental phobia? The warning signs for this phobia include:

  • Repeatedly canceling dental appointments.
  • Acting unusually nervous whenever you visit a dental office.
  • Enduring with tooth and mouth pain rather than making a dental appointment.
  • Becoming stressed as dental appointments near.

If you suffer from dental phobia, dental sedation might be exactly what you need

Avoiding dental care out of fear is never a good option. It can do long term damage to your oral health Creating a bright and healthy smile starts with proper dental care. Such care is only complete with regular visits to your dentist.

The good news is Staten Island sedation dentist Dr. Fred Hecht and his staff understand the worries some of our patients experience in visiting the dentist. That’s one reason why he offers sedation dentistry to anyone seeking the best Staten Island dental care available.

Sedation dentistry takes fear out of the equation. Patients who are sedated feel more relaxed and calm while undergoing dental procedures. It also reduces trips to the dentist for patients who need several dental procedures done. A sedated patient can tolerate going through many more procedures at the same time because their muscles and nerves are relaxed and the pain has been greatly reduced.

Minimal risks are involved with sedation dentistry. Dr. Hecht is fully certified in dental sedation and can draw on three decades of experience to make your experience comfortable. Putting off dental care because of a fear of the dentist is not necessary when you are in his capable hands.

Contact us to learn more about sedation dentistry and decide if it is the best option for you.