What Types Of Sedation Are Available?

There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution with dental sedation. Our patients have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the type of sedation that best fits their needs.

Sedation dentistry typically involves three primary types of sedation:

  • Inhaled sedation with laughing gas
  • Oral conscious sedation
  • IV sedation

“Sweet Air” Inhaled Sedation

laughing gasInhaled sedation uses laughing gas, also known as sweet air. This is a traditional and frequently used form of sedation. A patient inhales the laughing gas through a mask. The sedative works quickly and it is easy to control the level and duration of sedation. Once the dental procedure is finished, the effects of the gas wear off quickly allowing you to return to work within hours.

Oral Conscious Sedation

valium-dental-sedation Oral conscious sedation is another option for cases where the dental anxiety is stronger. A patient usually takes a pill the evening prior to their dental procedure and then a second pill an hour before the procedure. During the procedure, patients remain awake but they are much more relaxed. They are able to answer questions and follow instructions the entire time. As with IV sedation, they retain little or no memory of the procedure.

IV Sedation

iv-sedationIntravenous sedation injects sedatives directly into the bloodstream through a needle inserted into a patient’s arm. During IV sedation, the dentist can adjust the level of sedation and give the patient more sedatives if needed. Patients retain their reflexes and respond to questions and instructions after the sedatives are administered. They retain scant memories of dental procedures because sedation can cause them to feel like they are in a sleep-like state.

With the exception of inhaled sedation, patients undergoing dental sedation should arrange for someone else to drive them to and from their appointment. The side effects of the sedatives can make them feel drowsy for some time after the procedure is completed.

Staten Island sedation dentist Dr. Hecht offers IV sedation, oral conscious sedation and inhaled sedation using laughing gas to our patients. He and the rest of our caring staff are fully trained and certified to use all types of sedation.

With a variety of sedation options tailored for you, Dr. Hecht is a great choice for your dental needs. Contact us today.